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Samsung Galaxy S6 Full Specification + Price

Today we have the first image of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6. Earlier it was reported that the device will receive the display with a resolution Quad HD diagonal of 5.5 inches, Snapdragon platform 810 or Exynos 7420, 3 GB of RAM and a camera with a resolution of 20 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Full Specification + Price: Today became known design of the device and its features and specifications. Pictures Galaxy S6 look plausible: Galaxy Note smartphone reminds 4 and Alpha. In this case, the device is in the photo stands out thin frame on the sides of the screen, and the top and bottom panels are quite narrow.


Samsung Glass Price in Usa – $499.

We have been hearing rumors about Samsung’s version of Google Glass for some time, the device is rumored to be called Samsung Gear Glass.
Samsung Glass
According to a recent report, Samsung will take the wraps of their new Samsung Gear Glass at IFA 2014, the conference takes place in September.
We heard back in January that Samsung would be showing off their Google Glass competitor at this years IFA, and now according to recent reports from the Korean Media, the device will show up at this years IFA.

Samsung’s current range of wearable devices is made up of smart watches, that the Samsung Gear 2 and the Samsung Gear Fit, and the company is apparently looking to expand into other areas of wearable technology before the end of the year.
Samsung has a number of new devices coming out over the next few months, which include the Galaxy S5 Prime, the Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Active.

As soon as we get some more details on exactly what Samsung has planned for their Gear Glass device, including some actual photos of the device, we will let you guys know.

Insiders in ATT and Verizon confirmed information that Samsung Gear Glass price in USA and Canada – $499

Samsung Gear Glass Release Date

According to the latest news coming from the Korean media, Samsung is preparing to launch its own “Gear Glass” wearable, and it will allegedly do so in September, during the IFA 2014 event which will take place in Berlin, Germany, between the 5th and the 10th day of the month. (On a side note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to be unveiled at the same event).


The so-called “Samsung Glass Gear” will apparently feature an ear and eye piece, and by the looks of it, the gadget could take the form of a Bluetooth earpiece with a heads-up-display, rather than a pair of glasses. Reportedly, the headset will also run on the next-gen Tizen OS.

ccording to the online publication “Business Korea”, a Samsung “associate” said that, after launching the first smartwatch, the company has “secured a considerable amount of smart glass-related technology and patents“. More so, the same source has suggested that, much like the original Galaxy Gear went live in September, the upcoming Gear Glass will also be launched in September 2014.



SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 REVIEW [SAMSUNGLOGIN.COM] got a chance to make a first review . Samsung has given the unit a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p.

Galaxy S5 enclosed in a plastic case , now it is protected from dust and moisture . Along the edges of the housing is a silver stripe. The rear side is made with a ribbed pattern. At the lower end , you can see the port USB 3.0, covered with a flap .

Galaxy S5 received a biometric sensor , integrated into the button Home. For initial setup biometric subsystem needs 8 times hold your finger on the sensor to remember that papillary pattern . The scanner can be used to unlock the device and confirm electronic payments.

Galaxy S5 continued launched in Galaxy S4, an emphasis on the health of the owner, and for this smartphone enriched heart rate sensor . Enough for a few seconds, press your finger to the window of the scanner (located on the rear side of the body ) , appears in the display and the pulse wave component of heart .

Galaxy S5 Tech Specs, Unibody, Usability.

Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S will get a fifth-generation metal case, 64- bit processor Exynos 5430 and a camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels and optical stabilization .

Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a new camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels with image stabilization , over which currently employs engineers Samsung.

Optical image stabilization is present in some other smartphones , such as Nokia Lumia 1020 , LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z1.

Galaxy S5 is equipped with a fingerprint scanner , like iPhone 5s.

Samsung plans to reduce the refresh cycle , the flagships of approximately c up to 9 months . It was decided to reduce the cycle because of lower sales of this flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 compared to what was calculated in the Korean company.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features Fingerprint Scanner.

What answer fingerprint scanner iPhone 5s cooked in Samsung? ITechAddict edition , citing people familiar with the claims that the new flagship phone Galaxy S5 equip screen, which learn to recognize the owner.

A source in the Indian Research Center Samsung said that unlock Galaxy S5 will be just touching the screen. As the phone will recognize the touch in order to remove the lock – a question. iPhone 5s activates the fingerprint scanner only at the moment when the display is turned off when the user intentionally clicks Home. In Galaxy S5, so will combine touch with another action that will confirm the intention to unlock the device.

All this does not sound too convincing, but to reveal insider source , the assurance iTechAddict, not just guessed the direction of technological development vendor and publish accurate forecasts. As the resource , use the scanner of its own design will allow Samsung to gain complete control over the production process and does not depend on third-party suppliers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price In Usa, Europe and Features.

In particular, it is expected that Samsung will release Galaxy S5, as reported by the information from Samsung Unpacked 2014, have repeatedly provide true information about upcoming products Korean giant .

Samsung Galaxy S5 positioned as a premium option and come in a plastic case. Amid a new policy Apple, marked the release of metal and plastic iPhone 5s iPhone 5c, the idea of ​​Samsung does look fresh, though, this has long been accustomed to the consumer . Important, as they say, result.

About biometric sensors Koreans have not forgotten too. It is necessary to oppose something Touch ID. According to Samsung Mobile, many consumers are dreaming of having their smartphones can recognize the iris (which each person is unique , too , as well as fingerprints). So in thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S5 in implementing such a function.

Galaxy Galaxy S5 Price in Asia Without Contract

Samsung S5 Smartphone hype of rumored concept is increasing day by day and today, we have come with a special report on how the Galaxy S5 expected price across the Asia can look like. Galaxy S5 price will be a big challenge for Samsung ; especially in the part of Asia as Samsung expect most of its Smartphones to do well in Asia due to its large market opportunities and the Korean Giant has already rocked the Smartphone world with its Galaxy Series. And not to forget Galaxy S5 price is one of the craziest-news the smartphone lovers are looking for!

Let us look how the Galaxy S5 Price in Asia would look like :

Everything You Must Know About Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S4 has now become old, the Galaxy Note 3 is now officially launched and released. Now the Samsung is preparing its next smartphone that is Galaxy S5. This time the Korean company has promised to its customers that the Galaxy 5th generation will have new features & high-end specifications.

Recently rumors were there in the mobile market that , Samsung galaxy s5 will  have metallic body instead of the plastic one. Now more interesting rumors are in market that Galaxy s5 will come up with a 64-bit system on chip.

There has been recent speculations that the Samsung next flagship will have a 16 MP front camera, 3 GB of RAM. As we have already said that these are the rumors,but we are sure of one thing that this Korean company will follow the annual-release trend. This means that each new release is equipped with a better hardware and software than its predecessors.

In this article we will try to cover each and every minute detail about the new Galaxy S5 this includes smartphone specifications, features and the estimate release date.


What Is The Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner?

The Samsung S5, to be released in January 2014 is rumoured to include eye scanning technology. What is this and how does it compare to the fingerprint technology in the iPad air and expected in the Samsung s6?

What Is The Samsung S5 Eye Scanner?

Eye scanning technology has long been a part of the security apparatus of the non-mobile world. An infrared beam scanning the iris – which like a fingerprint is unique to an individual – has been used in, for example, airports in the Middle East for some time.

All that is required is a strong enough infrared ‘light’, a powerful camera and the software smarts to interpret the data. The only issue for the mobile world has been cost; the technology has been far too expensive for mobile devices even for tablets and high end phones such as the Samsung S5.

As technology costs come down, however, this is set to change. Will Samsung be the first to move?


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