How To Install Cydia On Samsung Galaxy S4

Cydia Store For Android released. Cool. You can install Cydia on Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3. According to its Google Play listing, Cydia Substrate for Android supports “Android versions 2.3 or above, but will work on any “equivalent” versions (systems like CyanogenMod or the Kindle Fire use their own versioning schemes). It is supported on devices that use either ARM or Intel CPUs and works on “strange” devices (including Google Glass).”

Substrate is a platform for customizing software. Due to limitations of the Google Play Store it must be installed separately, but its primary purpose is to support other products: users should not expect Substrate itself to do anything interesting. Instead, it should be thought of as enabling your device to support other things you may install.
Products that use Substrate are able to modify any other program, whether it came with your phone or was installed later, or whether it was developed by Google or by a third-party developer. These kinds of changes carry an inherent risk: changes to the underlying software being modified may break the modifications (“extensions”) you install.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 (SuperUser):

Step 1: Download both Odin and I9500XXUAMC6 packages from the link above. Extract the contents of the root package to a location of your choice.

Step 2: Launch Odin, click the PDA button and select the .tar.md5 file that you extracted from the CF Root package.

Step 3: Make sure that Re-partition is unchecked in Odin3, and that nothing is selected in PIT.

Step 4: Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4 and put it in download mode by pressing and holding volume down+power+home at the same time, and then pressing volume up for confirmation.

Step 5: With your Samsung Galaxy S4 in Download Mode, connect it to the PC using the USB cable. If all went correct, Odin3 will detect the device, indicated by a COM address in the top left corner of Odin3.

Step 6: Double check that the correct PDA file is selected and that re-partition isn’t checked, and hit the Start button to begin flashing the rooted kernel.

Step 7: Once the flash is complete, the phone will reboot and enter recovery mode, automatically initiating the rooting procedure. It will reboot once more.

How To Install Cydia Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500:

Step 1: Download Substrate

Step 2: Launch “Downloads”

Step 3: Install “Substrate”

Step 4: Done.

May 15, 2013 

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